Feb 25, 2010

When Silence is Golden

Speech is one of the greatest gifts to human beings which set them apart and make them superior to other living things on Earth. Every parent would wait eagerly to listen to the first few golden words uttered by their kids. No wonder many don’t hesitate to switch to “Can you please keep quiet for a second” very soon.

Teach them young: I sit with my 6 years old daughter everyday to listen to all the happenings of the day after the school hours. But for my 10 years old son “School was OK” summaries the school affair...

I encourage my daughter to express her feelings in words, which is an important tool to develop vocabulary and communication skills for kids her age. At the same time I also respect my son’s privacy, non verbal communication and his freedom to remain silent.

Excessive talking: As we grow old we need few words to express ourselves to the people who are close to us, who very soon start interpreting the language of silence over the years.
Excessive talking can make one burn out a lot of energy, breeding anger, stress and a hyperactive mind. Practicing silence can help rest the overworked vocal cords, besides developing good listening skills.
Silence can help avoid many unnecessary squabbles, arguments and save you from creating bitterness in any relationship.
To say nothing, is more difficult in situations such as anger, heated arguments and also in love, where the first reaction is always an outburst of words.

Silence is golden: We are so accustomed to talking that often a silence observed by a person will make others uncomfortable. Sometimes silence can be taken too far, the person will be labeled aloof and even get discarded from the friend and social circle. But the benefits attached to it should not deter anyone from observing silence for any part of the day.

Communication is not always talking; there are many things which can be better explained by gestures than words. A loving pat on the back of kids can say more than ‘You did a good job, and I love you for that’. A tender touch and a doting look from your loved one speaks a thousand words.

And if you still need to say or express your affection in words to your loved ones, I am afraid you have a long way to go!..

When not to remain silent:
  • In a classroom discussion
  • Board meetings
  • When you are denied of your rights
  • When hunger strikes
  • Locked inside bathroom/elevator
When to remain silent:
  • A sore throat 
  • Caught after telling a lie 
  • In the library/Hospitals 
  • Certain religious proceedings
  • When wife wants to go to hometown
Coming home: One of the greatest benefits of silence is coming home to ourselves, in our own world, where we can talk and listen to our feelings. 
In fact observing silence whenever possible, can help you taking out time to re-discover yourself, develop your creativity and organize your thinking pattern.
'To create a ripple, what we need is not a ‘big impact’ but instead ‘Still Water’ quips Deepak chopra.

Silence is golden and can pay rich dividends to you and the people around. The fact that we have two ears and one mouth says it all.
Why not share some of those moments with us, ‘when you remain silent and when you don’t’ ?


  1. That was thought provoking post. In this age of mobile phones and free talktime, the rule of 'silence is golden' is forgotten.

    I remain silent when a loved one needs to be left alone, and I refuse to be silent when I see any injustice, even if it is someone jumping the queue in the bus line.

    your recipes look easy and yummy. will come back for more! :)

    Do visit me at http://cybernag.wordpress.com

  2. Thanks Zephyr for liking the post and also sharing your views on the need of silence. Shall keep in touch.

  3. Lovely post... Great thoughts there from you Mam'