Mar 11, 2013

Recipes | Eggless Coffee Cake, Cocoa Brownies and CBC Meets

The rapid increase in the number of groups on Facebook is a menace if you are one of those unfortunates who have been added blindly every other day by their admins without your consent and with no relevance to the subject of your interest.
I was added to this particular group almost a year back and I ignored it with the pretext of just another FB group where bloggers drop in to give a shout out for their new blog posts or share the pictures of their cats.
But to my surprise, this small group has come out as one of the most active, focused and close-knit family of bloggers from Chennai on Facebook.
This is Chennai Bloggers Club or CBC, a bundle of young, enthusiastic and talented bloggers from Chennai.  This group has made me realize the mighty powers of pen and to think about writing beyond food.