Jul 31, 2010

A Crispy Tea Time Snack - Samosa

A crispy tea time snack - Samosa, is a commonly available Indian delicacy in most of the tea shops and restaurants. Samosa serves as a great starter for any kind of party and small gatherings. A Birthday party is incomplete without these delicacies.

Thanks Giving With a Sweet Note

This post is dedicated to all those beautiful people who believed and connected with me & my work. This simple and delicious sweet is my dedication to all of them.
This Vermicelli Kheer is a famous & instant sweet prepared down South of India by many at all occasions.Be it a birthday, a function or any festival, the first thing that my mother-in-law prepares is this sweet concoction.

Jul 26, 2010

Cottage Cheese Stuffed Indian Bread

Kulcha an Indian bread delicacy, is very famous in road side eateries and sophisticated restaurants as well. It is quite tedious to prepare at home and for the same reason I avoid making it at home. If not for the guests, whose only demand was a typical Rajasthani spread with some unusual stuff, this recipe would not have seen the light of the day!.
Kulcha was the first thing that came to me, other than the normal chapattis, pooris and stuffed parathas. And the recipe goes like this;

Uttaranchal II - A Road Less Travelled

A hot cup of tea, misty morning and a picturesque Himalayas in front, mornings could never be better than this.A good night sleep did cast its magic on us. It is lovely to see morning hours with a different view.

Blessed are those who are close to nature” The serene and unpolluted environment fills the people of mountain with exuberance and a life time gift of sparkle & innocence on their faces.Their expectations and needs are very limited which in turn makes them content & cheerful.

Jul 20, 2010

Lentil Crispy Snack

Lentil Crispy Snack is a delicious any-time snack. This snack is normally made with one kind of dal or pulse, but I try to include little bit of each pulse to make this snack.
Lentil Crispy Snacks are very crisp from outside and soft inside. It makes a scrumptious starter for any party, and is a good comfort food on a rainy day.

Jul 6, 2010

Tangy Coconut Spreads

One of the most discussed natural foods among health buffs and the laboratories worldwide for its dubious role in the food chart is Coconut. 
Where tender coconut is the healthiest natural drink available to us, ripe coconut goes under the sharp blades of modern research. The saturated fats present in the coconut are the point of content. 
I normally do not use much of coconut in my cooking, as it is not a very popular food ingredient used in our Rajasthani cuisine. But I often make coconut chutneys and add numerous variations to add variety to the recipe.

Jul 2, 2010

A Tasty Sweet Treat - Puran Poli

People with sweet tooth do not wait for any occasion to indulge in sweets. Puran Poli is one such sweet which I often make in excess and store in refrigerator to sink my teeth in whenever I crave for sweets.
Again there are many ways to make these Indian delicacies, some use sugar as a filling while others make jaggary Puran polis. If coconut is the main stuffing down South of India, Channa Dal or Bengal gram dal are boiled to make tasty Puran polis in Northen parts. To each his taste.