Jun 25, 2013

Travel | Somnath Temple in Gujarat, immersed in God's word Part - 5

Continued from Part 4
'Prayers does not change God, but it changes him who prays.' ~ Kierkegaard. This eternal shrine of Somnath in Gujarat was destroyed six times and was rebuilt with more  vigour and devotion every single time. The first temple was supposed to be built before the beginning of Christian era. The present temple is the seventh temple on the original site of Somnath which was completed in 1995.

Travel | Gir in Sasan, Our First Sight of Asiatic Lions in Wild Part - 4

Continued from Part -3
The Safari system is pretty organized in Gir if you have prior booking for the rooms as well as for the safari.
Each safari cost INR 2000 including guide charges which is mandatory. I already read about people facing troubles in sightings lions in shared gypsies with noisy & cramped rides. We did not share our gypsy with anyone and did all are safaris by ourselves.

Travel | Gir is Calling, Sinh Sadan in Sasan Part -3

Continued from Part 2
Finally we were heading towards the mystical forest of lions called ‘Gir’in Gujrat. You can take a taxi from Diu or board a local bus which is a much cheaper option if you are on a budget.
There are many resorts and hotels near Gir forest but you may lose precious time if you book there. Everyone who wishes to go for lion Safari has to come to Singh Sadan to get a permit before heading to Gir forest.

Travel | A Wonderful Day on the Island of Diu Part -2

Continued from Part -1
Diu is a small ex-Portuguese island which lies at the southernmost tip of Gujarat and was a Portuguese colony before it was taken over by Indian government in 1961. Diu is not a part of Gujarat and is governed by Delhi which makes it an isolating place.
Beaches, forts, churches, cheap booze, simple people and laid back life defines Diu well.

Travel | A Relaxing Vacation in Diu Beach Resort Part - I

Continued from here.
To me the best thing about vacation is brainstorming the places to visit and then write down a tentative plan for the entire trip. Online reviews and Google comes to rescue for searching a comfortable hotel/resort, book safaris in advance and design the itinerary all by myself.
Years of traveling together to some known and some unknown destinations made the nature lover, an adventure enthusiast and the history buff in us go places.

Jun 3, 2013

Wedding in Rajasthan - A Celebration of Love, Food and many Emotions

"Marriage is not about the beginning; marriage is about the process and still being able to love through all things." ~  Rhonda. A marriage is a once in a life time ceremony in which not only vows, but also two families are shared between a man a woman tying knot.     
An Indian wedding is a perfect blend of traditions, grandeur, delectable cuisine and sacredness of celebrations. The unbound enthusiasm and the flow of emotions of all the family members have to be seen to be believed.