Jun 25, 2013

Travel | Gir is Calling, Sinh Sadan in Sasan Part -3

Continued from Part 2
Finally we were heading towards the mystical forest of lions called ‘Gir’in Gujrat. You can take a taxi from Diu or board a local bus which is a much cheaper option if you are on a budget.
There are many resorts and hotels near Gir forest but you may lose precious time if you book there. Everyone who wishes to go for lion Safari has to come to Singh Sadan to get a permit before heading to Gir forest.

Sinh Sadan is at the border of Gir forest and is managed by Gujarat government. It has several cottages inside the complex which needs to be booked in advance. We had a booking in one of the cottages in the premises.
Make sure to book these cottages and the Safari well in advance if you are a wild life lover and do not wish to loose time in paper work before starting the safari.

There are three Safaris each day, I was keen on going for the morning Safaris on both the days, as the lion sighting is more during early morning hours and the weather is pleasnt too.
We went outside the complex to explore the rustic village called Sasan.
The locals are quite friendly are ready always to direct you to some wonderful places to visit in Sasan. We went around a few Mango farms and enjoyed the simple and laid back rural life in Sasan.

We made some friends who were our neighbors in Sinh Sadan and went to the nearby Crocodile breeding park with them.

I found a beautiful river flowing behind Sinh Sadan and asked the staff how to go there. Though heavily loitered we could get a glimpse of village life from there.

You need very little to make a happy living...and I could read the happiness written on the faces of these simple villagers.

Sighted some colourful peacocks on the way...

And a herd of grazing deer...

Was fun to watch village children splashing and playing happily in the muddy river...

Had a simple dinner at the dinning hall in Sinh Sadan, walked around the complex and chatted with other visitors staying in the cottages.
And we were all set to start our first Safari the next day morning.

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