Oct 16, 2012

Recipe | Quick Chickpea Sundal with Flax seed powder - A Spicy Festive Snack

If Navaratri is a time for playing Dandia in Western and Northern part of India, it is a time to showcase your culinary skills down South. A very popular recipe Sundal is made in most of the houses and shared with neighbors and family during Navaratri evenings after it has been offered to God. 
Many use coconut and spices to make savory Sundal while others opt for jaggery and make sweet versions of it. 
My children love the entire process of decorating the small dolls, making gardens with sand and calling friends to visit the same each day. Each day my MIL prepares a different Sundal alternating with a sweet and savory recipe. 
I came up with the idea of adding flax seed powder to this healthy and filling Sundal recipe and make it more nutritious. You can omit the same if you wish to, it will not make any difference.