Mar 3, 2014

Recipe | Panjiri - A Nourishing Indian Dessert

The Panjiri is a winter specialty made in many houses in North and West India. This dessert is heavily laced with dried fruit and nuts and many other medicinal herbs to boost immune system and provide extra calories to sustain the extreme cold conditions there.
In many parts of India Panjiri is given to new mothers as an aid to increase lactation and to provide extra nourishment after delivery.

Jan 6, 2014

Travel | Pudukkottai - Getting immersed in the rich cultural heritage of rural India

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Stop. Take a deep breath. And walk, fly or catch a train away from the city and into a world where the average pace of life is slower than slow. "It is not down in any map; true places never are." ~ Herman Melville. 
Many of these rural destinations have gained popularity in terms of their artwork, history and natural beauty
If palatial mansions are what makes Kanadukathan then these hand-made tiles from soil have brought Athangudi on travelers map.  

Travel | Kanadukathan - Where art, architecture and craft meet

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Chettinadu is a cluster of villages in Tamil Nadu and Kanadukathan and Karaikudi are a few popular towns in it.The colossal palaces and bungalows in and around Kanadukathan are a good place to understand and appreciate the love for art, architecture and craft of the a very influential business community of South India called Chettiars.

Travel | Tiruchirappalli - A strong urge to reconnect with history

A vacation with your loved ones is a perfect way to give your mind and body a much needed break when work pressure creeps on, making you unfocused.
And that is what we did during our year-end winter holidays. As always, this vacation was also unplanned and we could not book tickets for our trip timely.
My hubby suggested we drive down by road and explore something different this vacation.
A close family friend of hubby who hails Kanadukathan suggested we make a trip to this lesser known town of South India.
He also ensured that the rich heritage of Chettinadu palaces, simplicity of rural villages and many ancient temples surrounding the town will mesmerize us.  
So, with the strong urge to reconnect with history and explore the grandeur of South India, we started our trip on a weekend.