Feb 25, 2010

When Silence is Golden

Speech is one of the greatest gifts to human beings which set them apart and make them superior to other living things on Earth. Every parent would wait eagerly to listen to the first few golden words uttered by their kids. No wonder many don’t hesitate to switch to “Can you please keep quiet for a second” very soon.

Teach them young: I sit with my 6 years old daughter everyday to listen to all the happenings of the day after the school hours. But for my 10 years old son “School was OK” summaries the school affair...

Feb 23, 2010

All Set To Go !!

All of whom who have traveled, would be unanimous that nothing can be more enduring and satisfactory than being one with the nature. The chirping of birds, songs of river and the rustic aroma of hill side villages are a sure shot remedy for relaxation from the hectic and stressful ways of modern life.

Why Travel Trails: Travel Trails is to capture and freeze those nostalgic travel experiences into words which are etched in mind but might fade away with time. Writing a blog on these can be a perfect way to store them forever and to re-live those moments when physical condition might be a hindrance to traveling. Moreover this blog can be a useful tool for future travelers to know about a particular place and to get  first hand travel information.>>> more