Feb 23, 2010

All Set To Go !!

All of whom who have traveled, would be unanimous that nothing can be more enduring and satisfactory than being one with the nature. The chirping of birds, songs of river and the rustic aroma of hill side villages are a sure shot remedy for relaxation from the hectic and stressful ways of modern life.

Why Travel Trails: Travel Trails is to capture and freeze those nostalgic travel experiences into words which are etched in mind but might fade away with time. Writing a blog on these can be a perfect way to store them forever and to re-live those moments when physical condition might be a hindrance to traveling. Moreover this blog can be a useful tool for future travelers to know about a particular place and to get  first hand travel information.>>> more

Most parts of my travel are pre-planned while the rest just happen, which incidentally make the whole experience more adventurous and exciting.
Just as my last year’ trip, which was planned till Corbett National Park in Uttaranchal, but ended till the Nepal border! Discovering many beautiful villages, breathtaking landscapes and cheerful & innocent people on the way.

“The journey not the arrival matters.” – T. S. Eliot

I invite you also to write and share your travel experiences with us. You can send a small write up with a few pictures of the destination. Come share the joy of travelling and being one with the nature in Travel Trails.

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