Jun 28, 2010

A Crispy Tea-Time Snack

This Crispy Tea-Time Snack is a delicacy which does not call for any occasion.. Seen in most of the tea shops all around the South of India, it needs no introduction. Masala 'Vadai' or simply called 'dal vade' has many fans reaching out for it overlooking the place and the way it's been prepared in many small shabby shops. All that they want is just to grab one and crrrunch...!! Its heavenly, believe me.
Try this recipe for a simple vade made with Channa dal (Chickpeas).

Jun 24, 2010

Uttaranchal - A Road Less travelled

A vacation always mean searching and booking for well-known tourist places and asking the opinions of friends and acquaintances who visited those places.
For most of the tourist spots are well connected with logistics and have a good network of boarding facilities, it is less painstaking going to such places.
But a trip to Uttaranchal last year changed my perception of traveling altogether.

Jun 23, 2010

A Delicious Indian Kulfi

Indian Kulfi a delicious dessert, is very popular sweet from the olden days. Many fancy ice-cream parlours have sprung up with irresistible menu and varieties galore in every nook and corner of my city. But nothing to beat the traditional Kulfi which is rich, creamy and most important made from all natural products.
When the supply of milk in my refrigerator surpass the demand, the end results are always Kulfi with different flavors.
This one is the simplest and easiest one I often make, with very few ingredients to go in the recipe.

Jun 21, 2010

A Crispy Potato Snack

This crispy potato snack is a regular feature in my home on Sunday evenings and on rainy days as well. In fact potato tikias as is called in Hindi is a filling and delicious snack any time of the year. I sometimes pack this in my kids lunchbox with tomato sauce, and they just love to eat it in school. At times I have to pack 20 or more tikias on my kids demand for the whole class to share...

Jun 10, 2010

Any Time Treat Carrot Halwa

Carrot halwa, is normally made during winter season in North of India. I suppose it helps give boost to the calorie requirement and provide extra energy to the people of colder regions when the temperature dips below normal. But for me carrot halwa is any time treat. And I don't wait for any reasons to devour carrot halwa. Moreover it sounds good to start my postings on a sweet note.

One easy and quick way to make this recipe is to use condensed milk instead of the regular milk. But I prefer the traditional method of making carrot halwa, which gives the dish an extra richness ...