Oct 18, 2014

A walk down memory lane - My Trip to Udaipur - I

There are many things in life that I wish I could keep with me forever. The memories and days spent at my hometown in Udiapur tops that list.
I had a chance to visit Udaipur last week, which incidentally was my shortest ever trip to my hometown. I started at the wee hours of morning, left my children behind for a week, changed two fights, killed never-ending transit time at airport, and then traveled by road again to finally reach Udaipur late in night.
Yes, I did it all in one day. But I am not complaining.
I never believed in the saying that one travels more useful when they travel alone till I did it this time. Infact I don’t recall taking time to get away from daily responsibilities and having that solitude after my marriage in 1996.
I had lots of time to reflect on the past years and the years to come during my travel. The wonderful memories and days spent with family & friends, how I have changed and grown over past few years, the opportunities lying ahead and what I want from my life.
It was a wonderful experience to escape from the fast and complex modern world and live a quieter life for a few days.

I wanted to make full use of my short stay in Udiapur this time and planned for a walk down memory lane.

I got up at 5.30 am to see a bed of beautiful Parijat flowers right outside our gate.

I took my camera and went for a walk around Fateh sagar lake near my house.
Ah..the joy of breathing, walking and smelling the fresh air…one of the beautiful experiences I miss a lot living in a metro city.


The 'Paal' or the pathway adjoing the lake was bursting with activities. Morning walkers, hawkers selling healthy snacks and juices, and small children zip passing the road on skaters.

After a long time I could capture live waterfall on Fateh sagar lake.

I went to the old city in afternoon to have a look at the house where my granny once lived. My heart was beating faster as I climbed the steep road to see that house.

Sigh..granny's house was no more there...instead, a big mall was staring at me.

I saw many shops cropping up in the neighborhood selling antiques, now that Udaipur is one of the popular tourist destinations of India.

They do possess some beautiful collection of antique pieces.

Stopped at one of the jewellery shops and bought some.

Walked till Sukhadia circle and watched the children play around.

The Chaat stalls at Sukhadia circle looked tempting, but I did not feel like eating and walked back to home.

To be continued...

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