May 29, 2013

Travel | Udaipur Trip I - Of Appreciating Man-Made Beauty and Walking Through History

The nostalgia attached with every travel is hard to overcome. Each travel has a story to tell and every travel experience brings out the best times of our lives.
My Udaipur trip is a yearly ritual which I eagerly wait for. I remember reading it somewhere that visiting Udaipur is nothing short of reliving royalty and appreciating the city's man-made beauty!

I have been blogging for almost 5 years now and have written a couple of blogposts about our travel trips. I didn't realize that I haven't written about my Udaipur trips until a reader hinted me to make a blogpost about the same.
As I already mentioned in a post on Lite Bite that 'Something that is yours is never precious'. I never realized the worth Udaipur till I got married and moved to Chennai. 
Yes, I take the beauty of Udaipur for granted!
So here is a short and sweet memory of my recent trip to Udaipur a few days back.
I am not a nature photographer and some of the pictures may not do justice to the enchanting beauty of Udaipur.
Moreover I don't like to carry my Dslr whenever I go out with my children. Rather than finding angles or composition for a perfect shot I love to enjoy the moments with my children. Most of the pictures here are clicked with my P and S camera. 

Sukhadia circle and Fateh sagar lake are the most frequented spots by my family due to the proximity of the same near mom's house. Evenings are spend boating inside and playing in the beautiful gardens of Sukhadia circle.

I really feel sad for my children that I could not get courage to buy these ice candies or Gota which we once indulged in without any restrictions from our parents. The artificial colour...water...Ahem...

Sukhadia circle has some amazing street food stalls lined alongside the circle. You get the authentic Indian Chaat to Italian Pizzas here.
City Palace is a great place to walk through history. The Kings' court, royal kitchen, gardens, weapons are all preserved as a National heritage here.

Just a few meters away is the Lake Pichola an artificila fresh water lake built in 13th century by the Banjara tribes of Rajasthan.
The lake has several mansions, temples and bathing Ghats around it.

The heritage hotel Lake Palace in the middle of the Pichola lake.

Dudh Talai is a small lake in the south-east direction of lake Pichola. This is certainly one of the most beautiful spots in Udaipur. You could watch the lakes, palaces, gardens and get a picturesque view of udaipur city from the top.

Though Udaipur has many ultra modern shopping malls and the young generation follow western culture, the heart of the city is still draped in traditions and old cultures.
Many women from villages in Rajasthan still cover their faces with the saree. This beautiful lady did smile at me and gave a striking pose in Dudh Talai.

Sahelion Ke Bari (Courtyard of the Maidens) is another attractive spot which is famous for its lush green gardens, marble art works and fountains.

These are Bawris which were built to store rain water. This one is outside moms' house and is completely dry during summer months. These Bawris are self sustained with small temples, washing areas, indigenous diving boards and places to sit and relax.

These vendors tempt you with the mouth watering snacks they sell in the small make shift vehicles around the lake Fateh Sagar. You can board a ferry from the lake till Nehru garden, a beautiful garden located in center of the lake.

Moti Magari overlooks the Fateh sagar lake and has ruins of old palaces and lush green gardens.

There are many interesting places to visit in and around Udaipur such as Sajjan Garh fort, Bagore ke Haveli, Ek Ling ji temple and so on. Udaipur is well connected by roads and by air from all the major cities in India.
There is more to come on Udaipur and our subsequent travel trips in and around Gujrat in the next posts.

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  1. This post makes me want to visit Udaipur, Sanjeeta. I especially liked the picture of the palace - such lovley, intricate architecture.