Feb 2, 2011

Seven Cup Cakes - An Indian Delicacy

As the name suggests this Indian sweet 7 Cup Cakes is done with exactly 7 cups of ingredients. This is a long due post and the very first post in 2011. My co-sister S made the sweet during Diwali festival. Though she was not quite happy with the results as she thought the mix got overcooked and did not taste exactly like what she wanted. But I thoroughly enjoyed the slight caramelized version of this delicacy and would love to do it this way if I am making it again :) 


  • Chickpea flour or besan - 1 cup
  • coconut (could use dessicated) - 1cup
  • milk - 1 cup
  • ghee - 1 cup
  • sugar - 3 cups (can reduce it to 21/2 need be)
Method: Heat a thick bottom kadai and dry fry the chickpea flour or besan till the raw smell disappear. Take the flour out in a plate and keep it aside. Heat the ghee in the same kadai and add the flour, fry it for a few minutes and add milk into it.

Keep stirring the mix till it becomes thick and starts separating from the sides of the kadai. Add the sugar & coconut and keep stirring.
Spread a little ghee on a flat plate and pour the mixture over it. Make marks of any shape you desire using a knife and let it cool. Cut into piece and store 7 cup cakes in an air tight container.
The mixture was too thin and was cooked for couple of extra minutes which gave the slight golden brown color to this sweet. 

Post updated with new picture.


  1. Wowo they look so good, I dont think i have ever had this.

  2. 7cupcakes looks super prefect, am yet to try them at home..

  3. yummy!! will try soon !!

  4. yummy!! will try soon!!

  5. wow, wow, wow, that looks super mouth watering, love the color of the diamonds :)

  6. I have never tried this on my own! Looks very nice :)

  7. Looks perfect!! I love this one!!


  8. my sis use to make this with maida I guess... but thanks for sharing the recipe..

  9. my fav one ,my mil makes this very often.Came out very perfect

  10. Your burfi looks so delicious.
    This is one of the recipe that is fool proof.
    Happy to follow your blog